Holiday Season

The holiday season can be either fun or stressful depending on how late you wait to buy presents for your kids. But I never liked the kind of stress that can come from the pressure of getting gifts. In our house, we are trying to devalue the importance of spending too much on gifts. I don’t want my kids growing up thinking that Christmas is a failure if they don’t get the hottest toy, or newest Jordan or Stephen Curry basketball shoes. They are both still pretty young but this is probably the best time to start teaching them.

I’m proud to be able to offer my books online during the holiday season because they’re educational and affordable. While you’re looking for gifts for the youngsters in your life, consider adding something that helps your children grow intellectually while being shown valuable life lessons.

It’s no secret that the more kids read the better they tend to do in school so why not add great multicultural books to their collection? Sporty Lou, Johnny Skip2, and the Real Street Kidz series are all available on right now to order. These books are fun, funny, and filled with life-lessons for the young and old.

Visit my website and click the links leading to any or all the books you’d like to purchase.

Whether you’re a parent, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or just an adult who knows a kid who could use great books to read, you can find them there at a great price! Happy holidays, and happy shopping to you all! Have a great day!

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