Let’s Help Families Make the Most of 2018

So let me guess, you accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish in 2017 and now you can just kick back in 2018 and not worry about a thing? No? You mean there was a ton of things you didn’t finish that are dragging behind you like an old car tied to your ankles with metal chains???

I think that feeling is pretty common; it often feels like we didn’t get hardly anything accomplished the previous year because there is usually so much piled on top of our plates. That’s why I think it’s important for us to celebrate ourselves. There were a million small but important tasks that we did manage to accomplish. Hey, sometimes just making it through to the year is a very big deal.

Sure we could always have done more, done better, made different choices, but we really don’t have the luxury of hindsight so the best we can do is learn from our mistakes. I sometimes think when it comes to ourselves that we are our own worst bully because we spend so much time beating ourselves up for the things we didn’t do, or feel we should have done. It’s not very healthy and at the end of the day it doesn’t do any good anyway.

Even the most successful people and companies don’t accomplish everything they plan to do. Be proud of the things you did manage to do, and to get a jump on the New Year here a few helpful ideas to get the year started on the right foot.

#1 Create your own 30-day Get-it-done list. Things you can reasonably accomplish inside of a month. Things like reading a new book, or making a memory photo album.

#2 Make a “Looking Forward To” list and include some friends. This can include checking out a new restaurant, seeing an upcoming movie, karaoke, or even taking a cooking class. How many new Netflix or HBO shows you plan on watching, and write down what you thought about them. How many times you get together with family. Keep it fun and light.

#3 Use technology to keep these lists organized (your phone, tablet, computer, or some other device that you won’t lose). Decide what you will keep track of. Making memories is one of the best parts of life but often we forget most of the things we do so write them down.

#4 Pick a word or phrase that will become your mantra throughout the year. (Be generous. I will flourish. Joy. Seeking simplicity. Etc.) My personal word is ‘execute,’ because it reminds me to actually finish my projects. The more projects you complete the more you have in the bank to use when you need them.

Be good to yourself and others this year. Read a book, read to your kids and be a better version of yourself this year that year before. Here’s to an amazing 2018!!!

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