Multicultural Children’s Book Day 1/27/18

The 5th annual Multicultural Children’s Book Day is only a few days away. Please support Multicultural Children’s Book authors by seeking out their work.  These authors are important because they help keep racial and cultural diversity alive in the books our children read and learn from. When children read multicultural books, they improve their self-worth and become assets to the … Read More

Let’s Help Families Make the Most of 2018

So let me guess, you accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish in 2017 and now you can just kick back in 2018 and not worry about a thing? No? You mean there was a ton of things you didn’t finish that are dragging behind you like an old car tied to your ankles with metal chains??? I think that feeling … Read More

Few Tips to Help Families Get Active in 2018

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but sometime between my childhood and my adulthood kids stopped being as active as they use to be. There are probably a lot of reasons for it. Times have changed and parents feel less safe letting their kids play outside. The foods kids eat today have more saturated fat and hormones than before, … Read More

Holiday Season

The holiday season can be either fun or stressful depending on how late you wait to buy presents for your kids. But I never liked the kind of stress that can come from the pressure of getting gifts. In our house, we are trying to devalue the importance of spending too much on gifts. I don’t want my kids growing … Read More

Big heroes always start off as little beginners!

Big heroes always start off as little beginners! I’m raising my little ones to think like the champions they will become one day. Tonight, I plan to read Sporty Lou to Caleb as his bedtime story. He’s already beginning to run around all over the place so I’m making sure that he’s learning the fundamentals even before he’s ready to … Read More

Brand New Multicultural Picture Books from Author Quentin Holmes

Two new Multicultural Picture Books to be unveiled at 14th Annual Orange County Children’s Book Festival (Orange Coast College Costa Mesa, CA) Age appropriate, contemporary picture book stories about sports, adventure, and early paths to success LOS ANGELES, Calif. Oct 1, 2017 – On Oct. 1, 2017 author, entrepreneur, and brand creator Quentin Holmes will release Sporty Lou: Soccer King, … Read More