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Author,  entrepreneur, and brand creator Quentin Holmes (known to his friends as  Q) has dedicated his life to empowering the world’s youth through  trendsetting literature, media, and fashion. The son of a hardworking  father whose career advancement moved the family to nearly every region  of the country, Quentin gained exposure to people from a wide range of  different social, economic and racial backgrounds. In the end, the  family’s economic status was greatly improved and the Holmes children  were afforded opportunities that previous generations did not have.  Rooted in a family tradition that valued education, Quentin earned a  bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Michigan.  Taking classes and socializing with young people from all over the  world enriched Quentin’s already well-rounded perspective of social  diversity. Suburbanites, children of farmers, inner city kids, and  people from Third World countries were all striving for the same goal of  a college degree.

Quentin began to realize that for the students he went  to college with, the kids he grew up with, and even for himself, life  is not as much about where you’re from as where you’re AT and where  you’re going. Drawing on his firsthand experience with young people from  a wide range of different social backgrounds, Quentin developed his  first brand, At Wear apparel. Since its launch in 2003, the brand has  gained national attention; Quentin marketed At Wear for five years and  was featured in Slam Magazine, Dime Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, and the feature film, The Reunion.

Since 2009, the Real Street Kidz Multicultural Book  Series has brought a  much-needed voice and powerful cultural influence  to the preteen book  genre (ages 7-12).  The life long lessons of hard  work leading to  success that Quentin learned during his upbringing are  beautifully  illustrated through his characters. The theme of teamwork  echoes at the  very heart of the entire series, calling on preteen  readers to embrace  these indispensable lessons.

Likewise the main characters in Johnny Skip2 and  Sporty Lou bring vital  multicultural characters to life, but this time  for his younger  readers (ages 3-6). Both picture books; like their Real  Street Kidz  predecessor, diligently seek to inspire, embolden, and  entertain a  brand new generation of children.